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Meet Kendall Miles the 23 year old luxury shoe designer

At a young age, Kendall Reynolds was always utterly amazed by her mother’s extensive designer shoe collection so it comes as no surprise that she has created her own line of luxury women’s shoe. According to Empress World, Both of Reynolds’ parents are investment bankers and can analyze the success of a potential business, and on how to structure one. During her junior year at University of Southern California, Kendall traveled to Milan where she was a part of a training program at ARSUTORIA, which specializes in shoe and bag design. Here she learnt a lot about the design elements of what creates a standout luxurious shoe.

“I want to start a shoe brand,” she recalls telling her mother.

“I’ll be the designer, and I want you to help me build the business around it.”

After graduation, Kendall was faced with the dilemma of working at one of two major fashion houses that expressed interest in her work as a designer, or open up her own label.

Reynolds’ shoe collection, Kendall Miles Designs, launched and was met with great success.

Her designs were unique and desirable, as they were heavily influenced by the 1940s and 50s, mixed with modern touches like ostrich feathers, snakeskin, shiny gold hardware and a heel that was close to heaven.

Her vision was to have super sexy, super high stilettos with intricate details.

Reynolds’ business currently holds the No. 2 spot on BE 100s Investment Banks List and is proving to be quite a threat to high fashion designer labels like Prada.

Its inspiring to know that at a youthful age of 22, Kendall has created her own empire from the ground up and has already been successful in such a cutthroat and competitive field.

Her collection is now available online, with her 2017 spring/summer line inspired by Egyptian motif’s set to debut soon.

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